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López & Henderson
San Juan Agency, 1989
Luis Lino Lopéz
Luis Lino López

The company began trading in 1983 when Luis Lino López Madarnás, who had previously emigrated to the UK, decided to return to Spain and purchased a property in El Campello. He quickly realised there was a gap in the market to bring non-residents from the UK to Spain and find properties for them. He opened his first Real Estate Agency in Playa San Juan de Alicante. In those days, the company was known as López Inmobiliaria.

His son, José Luis López Pérez, was quick to join him in 1989 after completing his studies in Scotland and, together, father and son rapidly made a name for themselves in the area, opening a second agency in El Campello catering to an increasingly cosmopolitan market. The company became well known for their high service level and high value transactions, including sale of land for development and luxury properties on the coast to companies and high net-worth private individuals alike.

The business experienced strong growth throughout the 1990’s and expanded in to property development over the course of two decades. Numerous bespoke detached villas and linked-detached villas were developed in Muchamiel and to the north of Campello town as well as several high-quality urban apartment blocks in El Campello centre.

José Luis López Pérez and Laura Henderson
San Juan Agency, 1995
Laura Henderson
Promotional Sign, 1995

In the year 2000, the two agencies merged in to one flagship agency in El Campello, which is the current headquarters of the company. This agency very much reflects the quality of the business’ own development projects and the profesional image that it had become renowned for.

In 2009, Laura Henderson, now spouse of José Luis López Pérez, joined the family business, bringing in innovative ideas and business practices. A strategic decision was made to move away from property development in order to specialise in property sales. In 2012, the company began to trade as López & Henderson, reflecting the new leadership of the firm. Over the past decade, the couple have striven to take the brand and legacy in to the future, developing it and tweaking it to reflect its renewed identity and meet the ever-changing needs of the market.

López & Henderson now offer a quality portfolio of properties specialising primarily in the Campello and Moraira areas with headquarters remaining in Campello and a centre of operations in Moraira.

Property Development
Property Development & Promotion, 1990's
López & Henderson
Flagship agency, opened year 2000